Wednesday, December 22, 2010

As Rome Burns

An honest man can feel no pleasure in the exercise of power over his fellow citizens.
-- Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826)

Last month there was a hue and cry over a (previously removed) position being slipped back in over vocal objections at the Town of Southampton Town Board meeting. The pay scale was $150,000, roughly the same as most police in the Town after a couple of years.
Democrats were aghast that the 3 Republicans on the Town Board would try to slip this through without their approval.

Although one could not say that Democrats are naïve, in Suffolk County where Republicans pose as Democrats long enough to get elected (County Executive Levy, D.A. Tom Spota), it should be no surprise that once the Republicans again got a firm grip on power in the Hamptons, it would be business as usual.

Systemic corruption is different from actual corruption. The Republicans cannot escape the depth of the Heaney/Lombardo/Thiele/Schaeffer Hamptons monster, which gets its media support from the Southampton Press and Newsday. Without any real media unafraid of prosecution, only the Feds will have any interest.
Think about it. When was there last an article criticizing the power structure for what is currently called the “injustice” system in Suffolk County?

With Villages, Towns, Counties, and States about to be thrown into the chipper financially – doesn’t it make sense to slip in a few patronage jobs?